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Reach Local Area Customers Looking for Your Services

Your company’s ad will be hyper-focused with our search engine technology to send more high-paying jobs directly to your company. Hardscaprs team specializes in internet advertising and internet lead generation, this is a difficult process and takes a company that knows exactly what is required for potential customers in your area to find your company. We target these customers searching for a contractor looking for hardscape pros and link them directly with you!

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Pay Month-to-Month

No contracts to sign. One flat rate, month-to-month. You don’t pay per lead. No middle company involved. We advertise for you in your local area, potential customers see your website, photos, contact information and call you directly. 100% focused on Hardscape contractors including advertising for retaining walls, artificial turf and paver driveway/patio hardscape. We are pros at acquiring new customers from our expertise in search engine optimization and directory experience in your target area.

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Get Your Hardscaprs Listing Today

Advertising with Hardscaprs there are no contracts to sign. You’ll pay one flat rate, month-to-month for all-you-can-eat leads. You don’t pay per lead…prospects call you directly. Leads are targeted to your type of work only. We call this focused internet search engine advertising. Focused on your business in your local market.

Contact us today to grow your business to new heights.

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We Know How to Market Your Business

We’ve created one of the best internet advertising companies with experts that know your business inside and out, and more importantly know how to market your company and services on what now drives 85% of all new business and customer searches; Internet search engine results. Our job is to ensure that listings show up on Google and other search engines like Bing, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo when consumers search paver companies in your area.  Your company ad will be placed on our site, leaving the consumer with vetted and reliable options in their area, giving your company the best chance for additional business and advertising.

Hardscaping/pavers includes paver driveways, paver patios, paver pathways, retaining walls, artificial turf and outdoor firepits. The difference between advertising with us versus the competition is that there is not a specific category for many of the services listed above, known as Hardscaping.

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Advertise Directly to Your Target Market

Other advertising companies listed categories are listed under landscaping services, which does not encompass or represent the work that Hardscaping companies offer, which means you could be leaving business on the table because potential customers cannot easily find you online or cannot easily recognize the difference between what you offer and what landscaping companies offer. More importantly it attracts Landscaping companies into the mix, causing a much bigger pool of competition that a customer must choose from. was created to ensure that when a customer is looking for specific hardscaping related work, they don’t find a list of 500 landscaping companies, they find YOU.

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